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Bubble Shooter

Puzzle Bobble, also known as Bust-a-Move, has put the tile-matching puzzle game on the map, including its successors such as Bubble Shooter. It's difficult to explain why millions of us have enjoyed the exciting feeling of many bubbles popping at the same time so much.

How To Play Bubble Shooter

Use your mouse to direct your shooter and click to release a bubble. If three or more bubbles of the same color sit next to each other, they will pop. You can also aim the shooting bubble at different angles to make it bounce off the wall and reach your desired spots. A bubble no longer attached to anything will fall automatically. The goal of free Bubble Shooter games is to remove all the bubbles from the playing field before you run out of bubbles to shoot.

Tips On Playing Bubble Shooter Free Online

Use The Wall

Shooting at the wall can increase your range and allow you to hit hard-to-reach spots. These trajectories are harder to plan and carry out, but once you have mastered them, this strategy will open up more possibilities than shooting straight in Bubble Shooter online.

Choose A Path To Clear

Bubble Shooter games actually require a clearer strategy than most people might think. The biggest secret to beating the Shooter Bubble game is to focus on the biggest groups of identical bubbles first. Determine a clear path to approach them, which could be blocked by smaller groups. Clear big groups, meaning a huge number of bubbles, and then you can worry about smaller groups later. Unlike the Bubble Shooter classic game, some adaptations of the game also allow players to see the color of the next bubble - a huge advantage when playing a puzzle game like this, especially for beginners. This foresight can help you plan your shots and their colors better. For instance, if you somehow get two identical bubbles, try to use them to remove a single bubble of the same color that is blocking your way to a big group.

Aim Accurately

Aim your mouse well so the bubble would land exactly where you need it. Even if it goes a few millimeters off the mark, that bubble could become a blockage and make your game much harder instead of freeing some bubbles. The best way to aim with a mouse is to point it directly at the destination you want to hit with your ball (all while playing Bubble Shooter full screen).

Detach Hanging Bubbles

In addition to getting rid of bubbles by matching them in free Bubble Shooter games, you can also cut their connections to other bubbles. This strategy can even work with a huge cluster of different colors as many bubbles will fall down and explode together. You can put several rows out of the Bubble Shooter free game with a few shots if you plan it well. On top of that, detaching bubbles can earn you much more points than popping small groups separately in both Bubble Shooter 2 and Bubble Shooter 3.

Be Decisive

Time matters a lot in Bubble Shooter. Try to remove the bubbles as quickly as possible and move to the next level. Don't take much time to decide which way you should shoot your current bubble. It might not help you score more points but make the experience of free online Bubble Shooter more frustrating. But don't worry about it! You will naturally become better at your responses over time if you keep playing and practicing the Bubble Shooter game.